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the needs (formerly special)

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A question: [17 Mar 2007|03:07pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Is there pictures from the pool table gig at The Crown in january 05 floating about somewhere? It was my first 'Needs-gig and I met some great people that night, but I don't think I've seen any pictures from it anywhere.

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[11 Feb 2007|10:01pm]

Would anyone be so kind as to upload the album for me? (As well, maybe, the bootlegs that were posted on funfairsandheartbreaks).

Or, if not, tell me where to find it on the North American continent?

thanks, you!

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[24 Aug 2006|11:03am]

Recent (fairly anyway) interview with Zachery up here:

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[09 Aug 2006|11:00pm]

I have put four reviews of the album on http://www.funfairs-and-heartbreak.com If anybody has any others please let me know and I'll put them up.

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since nobody else has posted it.... [08 Jul 2006|12:11pm]

Sorry this has taken so long to get to you but now it's here there's news about the album, a single and a film showing this Sunday:

Album Funfairs And Heartbreak out August 7th

"Tremendous stuff…They have a bulging bag of fantastic songs with enough melodic and stylistic scope to mark them out as something genuinely special. Bravo."
John Robinson, THE GUARDIAN

"This is a shamelessly chipper pop gem that you should have in your life if you have any kind of soul at all"
Barry Nicholson, NME

"One of the Bands for 2005"

When Special Needs split up in a welter of acrimony akin to the Brian Jonestown Massacre, it was feared that their album of 12 solid gold pop tunes would be lost forever. Thanks to Re-Action Recordings it will be out on 7th August with a deluxe full-colour photo and lyric booklet.

Funfairs And Heartbreak is equal parts Vic Godard and Jean-Luc Godard washed down with healthy swigs of skewed Dexy's Midnight Runners meets The Ronettes meets Hamburg-era Beatles meets the Smiths doo-wop-pop. It's produced by Ian Grimble (Manic Street Preachers/Beth Orton/Idlewild) and contains 12 classic instantly memorable songs including two of their three singles – their debut 'Sylvia', and their manifesto 'Blue Skies' .

'Blue Skies' is their Utopian vision, a 24-hour theme park – equal parts Butlins and The Village in The Prisoner – set up using their record company advance. It's a place to get away from the city. What starts as a small caravan park by the coast will end up as a playground for anyone who believes in magic.

Also featured on the album is the great lost B-side 'Winter Gardens', the No 1 Xmas single 'A Time To Remember', the stomping 'Stick Around', the caustic 'Tarts' and the angular 'Martin's In A Fix'. Take a trip down 'Gloucester Road', meet 'Girl From The Launderette', 'Angelica' and the 'Last Boy On The Swings'. 'Convince Me' sings Zac Stephenson. You will need no convincing.

"Our songs are passionate, romantic and untamed in spirit. We sing them to serenade loved ones, and to accompany the dances of stampeding youth. Not to sell records to spoilt children."
Andrew Pearson, SPECIAL NEEDS

Special Needs were true originals in an era of mediocrity. They may be gone but their songs and the Majestic Kingdom of Blue Skies live on.


Artist Special Needs
Release Funfairs and Heartbreak
Format CD Album Only
Cat. No. RARL 4
Release Date Monday 7 August 2006
Label Re-Action Recordings Ltd
Distribution Cargo Records
PR Triad

The album will be preceded by a download only single, "Gloucester Road", on Monday 24 July

Rocklands 2 Film this Sunday at the National Film Theatre, Southbank, London

Rocklands 2 will feature as part of the Acces All Areas Film festival and forms part of the Rock Britannia series of music documentaries)

Rocklands 2 is the second installment of the Rocklands music documentaries. The first documentary was spawned in the kick bollocks scramble of the cluster of gigs that took place in 2003 at the Paradise Bar in New Cross.

Emerging bands featured at the time include Bloc Party, Art Brut, Twisted Charm and Special Needs.

Rocklands 2 follows the highs and lows of the band featured above with their story three years on. With Special Needs as the centerpoints Rocklands 2 tells the tale of fast friends, fall outs, fucking great music. Featureing excluisve footage and interviews (including individual interviews from all of Special Needs) This is required viewing for any one wanting to dot the i's and cross the T's.

As with the first film rocklands 2 provides cameo roles for emerging talent with live interviews from some of the best new bands around

Screening starts at 8.45 July 9th at the NFT

Best wishes


(sooo.. i guess this means we can expect the album in october, maybe? just kidding..)
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